maandag 29 september 2008

Officially Friends.

I didn't feel to well last week and didn't have much interest in scrapbooking at all. Finally on friday I got some inspiration and made Kazans sketch 10 for my favorite sketchblog 2sketches4you.
There's a little nice story behind the title of this card and I'm gonna tell it to you.

You might know that I'm teaching classes in a gym and I love doing that very much.
One of our members wrote a nice comment about me in the gym's guestbook and only signed it with A. You can imagine I was curious, who he or she was. My family joked that I wrote the comment myself. LOL.
One week later, I talked about the comment in my class and thanked A. for it and said that I liked it very much. After the class, a woman came to me. We shaked hands and she told me her name and said that she wrote the comment.
We talked for a few moments and I told her I thought about her as the sender of the comment. Why? Only because I often see her smiling and laughing during my classes.
Later, she send me an e-mail and from that moment we start e-mailing, a lòòòòòt.
Last week we met and talked and talked and talked. Time was flying and we had such a nice time. She's such a nice and kind woman and she can make me laugh and make me cry.
Last thursday I wrote her an e-mail and signed it with "your new friend".
On friday I got an e-mail back with the question: "Are we officially friends now? ;-)"
That little sentence gave me the inspiration for the title of this card.
And yes, A., we are officially friends now :-). This card will be in your mailbox soon and I hope you'll like it.

This is Kazans sketch:

And this is my card. I've used some Creative Café transparent. Love that stuff.

On the 2sketches4you blog you can find a lot of inspiration. If you are a cardmaker, I'm sure you'll love that blog.
Be sure I take a look at your blog to see what you did with the sketch! Enjoy it!

Two weeks ago I made some more cards which I'll show you. I was inspired by a Dutch magazine. Thank you Je@net.

maandag 22 september 2008

I love transparents.

All the 2sketches4you DT members received a package with four transparent cards from this weeks sponsor Sheetloads, and had to use it for this weeks sketch. Some weeks ago I've made some cards with Hambly transparent, so I knew I would love this new product.
The possibilities with transparents are endless. When you take a look at the Sheetload ShortCuts blog, you can see a lot of examples my 2sketches4you colleague Carla made. So very lovely.

This weeks sketch was made by Laura and she did a great job. I love those curved lines and used them on the last page of my card.

For this card I used 1,5 sheet and made a 3-page card for my youngest daughter's birthday. She needs to be patient because her birthday is not until december.
Stitching the transparent is no problem and I'm always using normal sewing needles, so just try it if you want.

vrijdag 19 september 2008

Some music.

Sorry, nothing to show yet.
I've just put some of my favorite songs on my blog. I also wanted a few older songs but couldn't find them. What a pitty.

Just a question. Do you like music on blogs or not?

Oh, and I want to tell you that I'm pretty pleased with the card I made today for next weeks 2sketches4you. Laura made a very lovely sketch but I'm sorry that you have to wait till monday to see it ;-)

Have a nice weekend!

maandag 15 september 2008

Something different.

This weeks sketch from 2sketches4you was made by Kazan.
I thought it was a perfect sketch for something different.
I've made a little gift bag. First I had to make a pattern, because most bags are to big for one sheet of scrapbookpaper. It was fun to do and I'm pretty pleased with it.

This is Kazan's sketch.

And this is my little gift bag.

I hope you'll enjoy this weeks sketch as much as I did and I'm looking forward to see all your beautiful creations.

woensdag 10 september 2008

Bonus card Ashild

This week it was Ashilds turn to create the bonus sketch. It's a sketch with several layers and I like it. It is always a pleasure to work with these October Afternoon papers, so I used them again, and I still have a lot more :-)
Ashild, thanks for your lovely sketch.
If you want to see the sketch and Ashilds lovely card, check the 2sketches4you blog.

In yesterdays post I told you about the cool clear cards from Sheetload ShortCuts. You can win a package of four cards just by leaving a comment on their site. I wish you luck!

dinsdag 9 september 2008

Another card and a lovely prize.

Last week when I was playing with Laura's sketch my first take was made of this blue paper and the big bow. When I glued the paper and the bow, my inspiration left me and didn't visit me that week. So, at that point I decided to make a complete new card and that's the red one as seen on the 2sketches4you blog.
Yesterday, I saw the blue card again and suddenly knew what to do with it. This is the result and I'm pleased with it.
Made this card for my parents, who are celebrating their 46th weddingday next sunday.

In august, when I visited Carla's beautiful blog, I saw a link to the Sheetload site and hopped over for a look. I liked their monthly sketch and the great prizes, so I made a card and guess what.....I won! Yeah, I'm happy!!!!!
You maybe remember my card and this is the prize I won. Love it!

Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch (yes, really!), BasicGrey Two Scoops - Fibers, 6x6 paper pad and Heart Smudge Stamps

Alicia, the owner of Sheetloads Shortcuts introduced beautiful Clear & Frosted Cards. There a are a few examples made by Carla and those are so cute. I love clear products.

maandag 8 september 2008

Laura's sketch 8.

This week it is Laura's take to make the sketch for 2sketches4you. And again she did a great job. I love the sketch and think I might use it for some more cards.
I didn't use any patterned paper and only used three colours.
I love the red paper from Creative Café, it's a shame I didn't use it before.
I tried to handstitch a border, but it didn't turn out as lovely as Danni does it. Guess I have to practice a lot more ;-)

If you've never visited the 2sketches4you blog I really think you have to do it this week. There's always a lot inspiration over there. I wish you a very creative week!

donderdag 4 september 2008

Three new cards.

Finally had some time to scrap this week. I'm very busy learning the new choreography from BodyPUMP 67. This new release is awesome, I really love it!

This first card is made after Christine's sketch. She is this weeks maker of the Bonus Sketch from 2sketches4you. I love her sketch and didn't have much troubles with it ;-) Check her blog to look at her lovely work.

The second card was my first take on Laura's sketch 7. At first there was no butterfly and I didn't like the card. It simply was not finished and now it is.

The last card is a total scraplift from Sherry Wright. I love her work.

Back to BodyPUMP. Have a nice day!

maandag 1 september 2008

Happy monday with Kazan's sketch 7 and RAK winner.

Finally I can show you the card I've made using Kazan's sketch 7. I'm getting addicted to these weekly sketches and I'm loving them more and more. And I'm very happy Kazan, Laura and the other members of their 2sketches4you Design Team are so very friendly. They're giving me such a feeling of appreciation and that feels very good. Thank you all for that.

When my daughters took some of my stuff away for my birthdayRAK, I saw the chipboard birds and realized I didn't use one of them. So for this new sketch I had to use them. I sewed through the chipboard and that was quite easy to do. Only the curves were a bit hard. So if you want to try it, be careful. Have fun with the new sketch and I'm visiting your blogs to see your takes.
This is Kazan's sketch 7.

And this is my take and a close up.

Yesterday my daughters printed all the quotes from their birthdaypost. There were a lot of lovely quotes and I'm happy to tell you that the winner of the RAK is Eveline.

Eveline, mail me your adress at and the RAK will arrive later this week. Thanks all for participating, it was fun.